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Type (red car): 1979 2nd series Berlina 1300
Type (brown car): 1978 2nd series Berlina 1300
Owner: Edward O'Brien, London
Photographer: Edward O'Brien, London
Edward wrote:
The red car, AYF 880T, is a February 1979 2nd series Berlina 1300 which I have owned for some 11 years. It is currently in dry storage awaiting recommissioning. These photos were taken between 1995 and 1999.
The brown car, APJ 538T, is a December 1978 2nd series Berlina 1300. This was in the family from new, but we disposed of it in late 1995, and I am unsure whether it is still in existence. These photos were taken between 1989 and 1995.


Typ: Berlina 2000, Bj.1978
Besitzer: Ralf Daske
Fotograf: Ralf Daske

Typ: Berlina 2000, Serie 3
Besitzer: Thierry Vendewinkele, Frankreich
Fotograf: Thierry Vendewinkele
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