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This site is dedicated to the great car Lancia Beta.
It was built from 1972 to 1984 in six different versions:

The Berlina (1972-1981)
A hatchback sedan. These days really scarce!
If you see one: Be devotional!

The Coupe (1974-1984)
A well designed three box Coupe.

The Spider (1974-1982)
A targa-top convertible, based on the Coupe.
A lot fun to drive!

The HPE (1975-1984)
The fabulous two-door estate, based on the Coupe but with the weelbase of the Berlina.

The Montecarlo (1974-1981)
Pininfarina’s mid-engined sports two-seater

The Trevi (1980-1984)
A three-box version of the Berlina.
A little bit bizarre design, but this is the thrill. Available with a compressor engine, also like the Coupe and HPE.

I’m sorry. The main part of the current version is in german language. But I intend to translate the sections step by step. That’s a hard work - english is not my native language and the technical vocabulary is a challenge. So, be patient... But, don’t leave this page now. There are some interesting areas for you:

Galerie (Gallery)
The galerie contains high quality pictures and one movie.

Modelle (Models)
Even though in german language, you can look at many pictures and three animations (first three pictures of the right column of the coupe part, just click on one of them to see the animation) All pictures of the right column will open a bigger view. I think it’s easy for you to understand the spreadsheets at "Technische Daten" and "Produktionsdaten". You can download the production datas ("Produktionsdaten") at the dowload area.

The questions of the vote are aviable in english now.

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If you want to contact other Lancia Beta enthusiasts...

Area UK:
Hamish Young,
Hi, my name is Hamish Young and I live in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I have more Lancias than I need (!) but am very fond of the Volumex models and until recently owned both a coupe and a HPE. I'm hoping to organise a consortium for Volumex (and possibly all) betas in the UK and perhaps worldwide. Very interested to hear from all 'betanuts' via email.