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Type: Beta Coupe 2000, early 2nd series
Owner: Jacques from Belgium
Picture made by: Jacques Baguette

Type: Beta Coupe 1600
Owner: Joonas Laitila (JL) from Finland http://koti.mbnet.fi/joonasl/
Picture made by: Joonas Laitila
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Type: Beta Coupe 2000IE 1982, only 5000 km on counter
Owner: Jack Brych from Poland
Picture made by: Jack Brych
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Type: Coupe 2000 2nd. Series FL
Owner: Matthias Langen from Germany
Picture made by: Matthias Langen
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Type: Coupe 1600 2nd. Series
Owner: Ronny Roubini from Milano (Italy) presently in Tel Aviv (Israel), also the car (!).
Picture made by: Ronny Roubini

Type: Coupe Rennfahrzeug
Owner: Bernd und Edward Schmidt from Germany
Picture made by: Schmidt
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Type: Beta Coupe (1976) fitted with a vx engine
Owner: Radek Skarka from Czech Rep.
Picture made by: Radek Skarka

Type: Beta Coupe 1600 (1982)
Owner: David Richou from France
Picture made by: David Richou
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Typ: Coupe 2000IE, Bj. 1981
Besitzer: Matteo Vezzosi from Pistoia (Italy)
Fotograf: Matteo Vezzosi
Comment: Original conditions and perfectly conserved. Matteo is the second owner. This car has 100,000 km on the counter but the engine works like a Swiss clock!
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Typ: Coupe 2000, Bj.1979
Besitzer: Nico Weissflog from Germany
Fotograf: Nico Weissflog

Typ: Coupe VX, Bj. 1984
Besitzer: Dante Tagliabue (Italy)
Fotograf: Dante Tagliabue
Comment: Dante Tagliabue is the first owner, the car has only 38.600 km (Aug. 2002) on the counter.
He is calling it "Volumina" :-)
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Typ: Coupe Turbo, Bj. 1984
Besitzer: Deon Von Benecke (South Africa)
Fotograf: Deon Von Benecke
Comment by Deon Von Benecke

Typ: Coupe 1600, Bj. 1975
Besitzer: Evgueni Maslov (Russland)
Fotograf: Evgueni Maslov
Bemerkung: gehörte einst zum Fuhrpark von Leonid Iljitsch Breschnew