Turbo Coupé by Deon Von Benecke


Extraordinary Engine Tuned Coupe
Words by Deon Von Benecke

Hallo, My name is Deon

I am also a very big Lancia Beta enthusiast. I am driving a 1984 Beta VX but I have done some things to it. More about that later. I also had a Trevi 2000ie but sold it lately. The VX I have had for two and a halve years now.

This is a very interesting VX I am driving now. The VX is only a badge on the grill still. The original engine had done 246000 km and then I decided to rebuild it and make a monster of it. All the knowledge I have on the Beta came from :
Guy Crofts book Fiat and Lancia Twin-Cams and Beta , a collectors guide.

Well to give you a brief on what I have done to my VX? I rebuild the motor with Thema pistons which was machined down. One of my pistons broke a ring and this was the best alternative. Gasflowed the head , had the bottom end balanced. Still running std size bearings (ACL). Copper button clutchplate.

Removed the kompressor , fitted a BMW 1.8l fuel injection manifold on a special adapter plate , used a 2.5l BMW throttle and put a Mitsibishi TD05 turbo with water cooling on.

Next an air-to-air Intercooler was fitted , about the size of the Integrale Evo's one. (had to move the oil cooler to a different location)
Put a big alluminium radiator in with two very flat fans. (From the Golf I - A/C model)The manifold takes up a lot of space.

The fuel injection/ignition system is a locally developed system that handles the fuel and ignition. The distributor was replaced with a VW Golf unit (electronic - hall sender) that fits straight onto the cambox. It is also running a VW igniter.

The suspension was lowered and stiffened with coils made locally. The front discs is of the Thema (huge 284 mm vented) with BMW callipers.
How does it go? It has only done 4000 km now. I am still going easy on it. It still needs a lot of tuning but it is very strong. Torque? have not put it on a dyno yet but I think in the region of 250 nm.
Here are some photos of what it looked like. Currently it is running 15" wheels.
I have kept all the standard parts that was taken off in order to convert back to again if neccessary.